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Found someone thank you. Great site, we will be back next year!
merrilie, United Kingdom

Anti Scam Programme

We want you to know that topaupairs.com does everything it can to protect its members from scammers, however sometimes they get through our systems, so we want you to be aware of certain people mainly in Africa that are operating scams on all websites!

Here at topaupairs.com we want people using the internet to find their Au Pair or Au Pair Placement to do so without falling victim to Scams.

We strongly recommend you do not under any Circrumstances send Money, Checks, Western Union, MoneyGram or any other method of payment to anyone especially if they are from Nigeria or Cameroon. If you are unsure please check with us first by emailing anti-scam@topaupairs.com quoting the Au pair or Family reference number or Email Address.

Scammers posing as a family offer a high salary to make the job look attractive. They eventually ask for money directly or involve a bogus travel agency to get money claiming that it is needed for the ticket, visa and paperwork.

It is also recommended that you do not provide anyone any sensitive information about yourself such as your bank account number, your passport number or photocopy of your passport, and your social security number. Please use commonsense and caution if you have any suspicion about a user and report it to us immediately.>

Here are some of the names they use for setting up scams!!
Davies Mark, Kate Bracken, Shantel Smith, Barry Wood, Mark Kennebeck, Adam James, John Williams, Laura Williams, David Frank, Tana Cornell, Max Cindra, John Cole, Kate Price Thomas, Moshel Rose, Leigh Dave, Naomi Brown, Charles Dana, Sherry Littlechild, Dodge Taylor, Earl Cross, Carry Brixton, Francisco Fabio and other aliases- Nigerian scam

If you have had any experiences with these Scammers please share for everyone to know, add your comments below!

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What People Have Said!

Girl of the name constance kaka claiming to be from UK but is actually in Cameroon, do not under any circrumstances send any money to her she is a fraud!

A lady under the name of Mrs Lolly Bolton using a Bogus Travel Agency uktravelagency.tk which isn't even a website. Asking for money to Legalize documents this is a fake do not send any money to the person.

Here is one of the scammers name Rosemary rose_maryt2000@yahoo.com, she was chatting with me and asking for money send by western union. I told her I will sent money, but actually not.. then she quickly deleted her account here...so pls. be careful of this person.

Hi, We had a bad experience with an Au Pair named Chelsea Duncan in Cameroon. We sent her money300 euros to buy her plane ticket, which was a mistake, and we don't have any news from her since we did it... Her email adress is duncanchelsea84@gmail.com. Please be carefull and watch out for Au pairs asking you to send them their plane ticket, if they want the money offer to buy their ticket for them instead!

Be aware of Terissa Clown Email Address: terissaclown19975@yahoo.com.
Contact person in travel agency. Mrs Dale A Lance Email Address ticketbookingagency@gmail.com.
She says she is women's doctor, has her own clinic, etc. She ask you to pay $750 to travel agency and she will refund the money when you get to USA, because she has tried to help other nannies and they have run away with the money.!!
She also says that a friend that works for www.easyaupair.com has recommended your profile to her.

No one at Easyaupair.com would recommend anyones profile to any Agencies who would then ask for money, please be aware of this!

Someone submitted these names and email addresses.

Romeo Mikel rmikel52@gmail.com
Mike Johnson kmar12@earthlink.net
Klench Morgan klenchmorgan@yahoo.com

Maria Kester posing as a family from the US, recommends a travel agency called Bannockburn Travel. Then this travel Agency will claim to process your visa and some paper work and will ask for money to be sent through western union.

Mrs. Docas James email address docasjames@live.com. will recommend an Agency Called Global Travels International, GTI. Will ask you to send money via Western Union to a person Called John Terry residing in Glasgow UK, they will ask for money to process your Visa Documents they are not real please do not send any money to them!

Ben Gate posing as the perfect family, using the email address bengate100@gmail.com supposed to be from London UK, He will approach you and will sound very sincere, trustworthy and reliable. He will ask you to send money, do not send him any money if you are unsure please contact us immediately!

Watch out for a person call Susan Parker using a bogus Agency europatraveller@europe.com, if you get approached by this bogus person them please contact us and do not send any money to them what so ever!

Hello l would like to give some spam email addresses, who are sending me offers:

Johnson Clinton pas.clintons1912@gmail.com
Larry Scott scott_cole09@live.com
Jones Richard jpolonica@earthlink.net
Please be aware of these Names and Email Addresses.


Thanks for your help! I found a great family!!
Arianna, Italy